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Hello 79er’s!

The 1’s and 6’s classes just met for their respective Wellesley Reunions!  We are only three more years away from our 40th milestone reunion. 

There’s lots of excitement on campus as we look forward to welcoming our new, and first African-American, President, Dr. Paula Johnson, in July. Johnson believes her career has prepared her to address critical questions at an all-women’s college. “How do we ensure that we create the healthiest environment possible so that when our students leave us and enter an ever-increasingly complex world, they are not only educated in the most traditional sense, but they are also leaving with a healthy body and a healthy mind,” Johnson said. “And I think when you think about all three of those, that is what launches our next generation in the most powerful way.”  Her acclaimed TED talk can be found at https://www.ted.com/talks/paula_johnson_his_and_hers_healthcare?language=en

Last summer, we organized 79 Connects on 7/9!  We had classmates meeting (on or around July 9th) in Atlanta, Chicago, Manchester NH, Minneapolis, Schroon Lake NY, Sudbury MA, Washington DC, Weekapuag RI and Worcester MA.  Not to be outdone by our US gatherings, there were 79 Connects in Oxford, England and Tokyo, Japan.  We had almost 50 classmates gather in 11 locations – how awesome is that?

We are gearing up to hold more 79 Connects!  It’s simple – pick a date, time and place and we will post the information on our Wellesley Class page as well as on our Class FaceBook page. Please contact Martha and give her the details so that we can post the information.  You can reach her at Clancy-oneill@attglobal.net or 603-882-1667.  Camille Ma has offered to organize a Connect in Asia; Yvonne is organizing a Connect in Atlanta and Jody is organizing one in Minneapolis.  Join the fun and keep it simple.

Alumnae website news!  The Alumnae Association released a newly designed website earlier this year.  You can access our class page from this site, so we encourage you to register if you haven’t already done so. We posted photos from our 79 Connects – we all look marvelous! Come check it out!

If you haven’t yet registered, visit www.wellesley.edu/alumnae/wellesleylogin and contact the Wellesley College Help Desk at helpdesk@wellesley.edu or 781.283.3333. This login will be needed for entry into the new Wellesley Community.

Class Dues

We have 179 class life members and hope to reach 50% by our 40th reunion.  For those of you math whizzes, we have 514 members in our class, so we have a short distance to go to get to 257.  Just 78 more classmates…And, if you’re not sure if you have already paid your dues, you can check the list on our Class web page!

Please note that the check should be sent directly to Donna Edwards, payable to the Wellesley College Class of 1979, in the amount of $100.  Class dues do not count as a gift to the Wellesley, although dues may be a tax-deductible item (check with your accountant).  Donna’s address is 716 West Hills Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21229. 

Class Notes

We have 500 words in every magazine issue. Dorrie would love to have to struggle to fit all of the information in! This is one of our opportunities to connect with one another. There is no requirement that this be 'important' - most of us are not secretaries of state, but we all matter! Send news!

Missing Alumnae

We are missing 39 classmates.  Please help us find them so that we can reconnect them to our Class and to Wellesley.  The list is posted on our class webpage. If you are in touch with one of the “missing”, please forward this email to them and encourage them to register on the Alumnae webpage.


We would like to move forward with only sending electronic newsletters; it’s better for the environment and our class treasury will save on the cost of printing and mailing.  We will send an annual newsletter (like this one) in print to the 122 classmates for whom we do not have an email address.  During the rest of the year though, all news will be sent electronically, so please go to www.wellesley.edu and register under the Alumnae tab.  Note that you can select the email distribution lists that you would like to receive. 

1979 Facebook Group

Did you know that we have a Facebook group page? It is restricted access, which means that only our classmates can see what you have posted.  Currently, Jane Rothchild, Jody Strakosch and Pam Wood have “administrative” rights, so we can make sure that non-classmates don’t join and that our classmates are in!  Just go to Facebook and enter “Wellesley College Class of ‘79”. We currently have 125 members; this is a fun way to stay connected.

Counting down for our class 40th Reunion Gift

Thanks to all those who have made a gift in this fiscal year (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016).  We have 31.4% participation rate, which means that 131 of us have made a contribution during this time period.  We have 20 Durants (gifts of $2500 or more) and in aggregate, we have raised $1,094,532.  If you haven’t made a gift during this fiscal year, there is still time –  you have until June 30th!  It’s as easy as going to www.wellesley.edu/give

Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?

Please let us know how we can best serve you!  Please reach out to any of us directly with your ideas and suggestions for the next five years!

We hope you can organize or attend a 79 Connects!  Have a great summer!

            Jody, Martha, Dorrie, Donna, Yvonne and Mary