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April 2018


Hello 79er’s!

Happy Spring!


SAVE THE DATE:  June 7-9, 2019  - - - Our Class 40th Reunion!

We had a fabulous time in Providence, RI, for our mini-reunion.  There were 35 of us in total, and it was so much fun to see old friends and make new friends.  It was fun, inspiring, and educational!  Please see Martha’s comments for more details!


In addition to our mini-reunion, we would love to help you organize ’79 Connects.  A ’79 Connect is meant to be local and low key.  For example, Rebecca Killen Hawthorne, Gaye Adams Massey and I were able to connect at the Minnesota Wellesley Club’s Tea and Talk.  We have heard many recurring themes from our classmates whom have attended a ’79 Connects:  Fun! Inspirational! Never run out of things to talk about! How could I not have known this classmate before? Shared experiences (child care, elder care, transitions, retirement, work, graduate school, health issues)! An appreciation for the opportunity to connect in a small group and either connect for the first time or reconnect after many years.  And throughout it all, just a plain old good time!


Important: Please note that we only send one class letter per year via the US Postal Service, so please make sure to sign up to receive our more frequent class emails.  We promise not to send too many!


REUNION – Many hands make light work!  We are working on creating our “reunion team captains” – please let us know if you’re interested in helping out.  There will be many small tasks as well as broader “planning” roles; let us know how you would like to participate…


News from our Vice President, Martha O’Neill

Many thanks to all who participated in our reunion in Providence and helped make it a wonderful weekend of friendship, support, exploring, bonding, and fun!  I think we all enjoyed what an interesting, vibrant, historic and unique city Providence is.  Fortunately, it is also the home of our amazing classmate Judy Colenback Savage.  Judy was enthusiastic and extremely helpful in welcoming us to her hometown, researching restaurant and entertainment options, and using her contacts to make arrangements for us. 


As a result, we enjoyed accommodations at Providence’s historic grand hotel the Biltmore, a great dinner by the river Friday night (although even Judy could not stop the rain that moved us indoors), a walking tour of historic colonial sites Saturday morning, a lovely lunch at Judy’s historic home, a tour of the Rhode Island School of Design’s Art Museum Saturday afternoon, and the high point – our 60th birthday dinner at the famous French restaurant Pot au Feu, where the owner entertained us by opening a champagne magnum with a sword.  We strolled back along the river enjoying Providence’s special Waterfire event and concluded the weekend with brunch at the hotel Sunday morning.  Best of all were the conversations and the happiness of being together. 


Many, many, many thanks to Judy for all she did to make the mini-reunion such a great weekend and a success!


Many, many, many thanks also to our awesome Jody, who was involved in every step of planning and carrying out the mini-reunion.  Jody handled many of the details behind the scenes, including coordinating the finances and preparing the gift bags.


The mini-reunion would not have been a success without the participation of all who attended.  We had classmates who had previously been to many reunions, some reunions, and no reunions.  We will have our 40th class reunion at the College in just a mere fourteen months! 


79er’s attending the mini-reunion included: Alida DeForest Leino, Alison Clarke Kenary, Allyson Dale Samson, Amy Farley, Amy Howard Chase, Ann Goggin, Anne Thomas, Barbara Lewis Buchman, Beth Bernhardt, Cindy Carlson Beckham, Cindy Guendert, Deb O’Driscoll, Debbie Hensley, Dorrie Voorhis Graul, Ping Chow, Heather Sloan, Janice Chang, Joan Khattab, Jody Strakosch, Judy Colenback Savage, Julia Held, Karen Fryer, Karen VanAdzin, Lynn Groark Fairfield-Sonn, Margot Robinson, Martha O’Neill, Mary Dermody, Mary White, Nancy Dart, Pam Wood, Patty Silvester Dew, Priscilla Risko Bennett, Rachel Perrella, and Yvonne Bos.


In the meantime, please think about organizing and participating in a local mini-reunion.  We have had great success with mini-reunions being organized with the theme of ‘79 Connects – local reunions held around the world on or about 7/9 (July 9).  Please think about being involved with a ’79 Connects event this year!  Why wait another year to have a great visit with classmates?  A ’79 Connects event can be whatever is convenient, such as meeting for a meal or ice cream or an event.  Please let me or any of the class officers know by June 1 if you would like to host or help with a ’79 Connects event.  We will promote your event on our class website.


News from our Treasurer, Donna Edwards 

We have 176 class life members and hope to reach 50% by our 40th reunion.  For those math whizzes, we have 502 members in our class, so we have a short distance to go to get to 251.  Just 75 more classmates…And, if you’re not sure if you have already paid your dues, you can check the list on our Class web page under the tab ‘Support 1979’.


Please note that the check should be mailed directly to me (Donna Edwards), payable to the Wellesley College Class of 1979, in the amount of $100.  Class dues do not count as a gift to the Wellesley, although dues may be a tax-deductible item (check with your accountant).  My address is 716 West Hills Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21229. 


News from our Annual Fund Rep, Yvonne Bos

We are nearing the end of Wellesley’s fiscal year (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018).  We have reached 28.2% participation, and we have 15 Durant members ($2,500 or more). We are always striving for higher participation – 45%!  Please make a gift - - - it’s as easy as going to www.wellesley.edu/give. Thanks!


News from our Planned Giving Rep, Liz Goldman Walton

Our class has made eight life income gifts of almost $106,000. A life income gift helps alumnae prepare for the future – from planning one’s retirement security (think monthly paychecks from Wellesley to you!) to ensuring the smooth execution of one’s estate.  We have realized bequests of almost $518,000, which brings our overall five-year planned giving total to ~$624,000. As we all mature, we want to make sure we have made arrangements for our life’s work to go to those people and organizations that we care most about. Please let us know if you have made Wellesley a part of your estate plan. Interested in learning more about how this works? Reach out to Liz Walton at lwalton@stny.rr.com


News from our Secretary, Dorrie Voorhis Graul

Please let me know what you have been doing – all stories are welcome.  Whether your life is "boring" or "exciting", there are sure to be classmates who can relate and many who will be interested in your news. Share your ’79 Connects small & big! What does 60 look like to you?  Most of us have reached the 6-0 mark (our youngest classmate still has a year to go) – does 60 look anything like you thought it would when you headed out into the wide, wide world in 1979? We have 500 words in every magazine issue and I would love to struggle to fit all the information in.  This is one of the ways that we can continue to connect with one another, so send news! My next deadline is May 1st, so send news soon to dorrievgraul@gmail.com


News from our web mistress, Mary Vaskas

Still looking for “missing” classmates

If you happen to be in touch with one of our missing classmates (see list below), please forward our class newsletter and ask them to consider updating their contact information with the Alumnae Association (in preferences, you can identify the email lists that you would like to receive).  

Edith Anderson

Deirdre Arnholz

Julie Bates

Julie (Olson) Bing

Ruth Brass

Addie Burns

Gloria Chau

Susan Denker

Melissa Douthart

Bonnie Freedman

Josephine Frere

Phoebe Frosch

Patricia Gabler

Karen Gilbert

Mary Lee (Sommers) Gosz

Hope (Schuyler) Hacker

Rosemary Hindoian

Barbara Ho

Gail Jackson

Angelica (Di Nardi) Kiefer

Claudia (Demattos) Lara

Sue Latterman

Puwen Lee

Manjari Mehta


Karen Nappier

Elizabeeth (Gorman) Nehls

Ann O’Connell

Martha (Huber) Scavoe

Melissa (Maxwell) Schiavone

Courtney (Finch) Taylor

Cathy Thornton

Mary Verito

Hilary Wallace

Susan Warner

Adrienne Williams

Maika Wohl


’79 Connects Photo Fun

If you haven’t made it to a ’79 Connects or just want to relive the fun, visit the Mini-Reunions Photo Album (https://1979.alum.wellesley.edu/images.html?view_album=3)!  And if you have more photos to add, send them to me (mkvaskas@gmail.com) and I’ll upload them.

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Please let us know how we can best serve you!  Please reach out to any of us directly with your ideas and suggestions.

Jody, Martha, Donna, Dorrie, Mary and Yvonne