1 9 7 9 Wellesley RAH! 

February 2019

SAVE THE DATE:  June 7-9, 2019  - - - Our Class 40th Reunion!



News from our Class President, Jody Strakosch

Hello, 79’ers! This is an “all things reunion” update.
On January 28, Beth Bernhardt, Pam Wood and I co-hosted a ’79 Connects at Beth’s home in Winchester, MA. In addition to sharing experiences and reconnecting, the 17 of us did spend some time on reunion planning!

Joining Beth, Pam and Jody for this fun filled evening: Lily Awad, Susan Davis Bailey, Cindy Carlson Beckham, Jan Trabucco Civian, Mary Dermody, Lynn Groark Fairfield-Sonn, Elisabeth (“Betsy”) Gaines, Dorrie Voorhis Graul, Cindy Guendert, Maria Iacobo, Martha O’Neill, Rachel Hennick Perrella, Margot Robinson and Heidi Schultz.

• Record Book. See the last page of this letter for submission information. The deadline is March 15th.
• Register for Reunion in mid-February. The Alumnae Association will send an email blast in February with snail mail to follow in March to those who haven’t registered by then.
• Make sure you have registered to receive class emails as this is how we will becommunicating additional details about reunion!


News from our Reunion Co-Chairs, Beth Bernhardt and Pam Wood

Beth and Pam have been working with an active and GROWING number of classmates to organize an awesome reunion. What will make it the best, is for all of you to attend. If you haven’t been, it’s never too late to start! Folks who have attended are often surprised to find not only many old friends, but also new ones. Our life paths have varied widely but it is a wonderful experience to reconnect with the wisdom of our collective lessons -- the painful or challenging as well as the uplifting or exciting. In that spirit, we are working hard to connect with all our classmates and have started a calling program to encourage attendance. If you have some time to make a few phone calls and would like to join the effort, Dorrie is heading up that effort and can be contacted at dorrievgraul@gmail.com. Let her know your dorm and your major and she will set you up with some folks to check in with over the next month or two. Dorrie could also use a few more volunteers to help with check-in at reunion, another wonderful way to reconnect as classmates arrive.

If you are planning to attend (or even considering it), here are some details:

o We will be based in Severance which will also be the site of our Friday evening dinner. We expect to sell out so register early. If the dorms don’t hold the same fascination of forty years ago, the college does have blocks of rooms reserved at nearby hotels.
o We will kick off the main reunion on Friday night with a cocktail party at the new Global Flora center – we will be the first class to use this new venue and it promises to be a very special event. For those of you who can come early, we will have a special '79 Sip & Paint option Friday afternoon and faculty lectures will be available.
o Saturday’s activities include our class meeting, classmate led activities, faculty lectures, and time to connect with friends. The Saturday night dinner in the Hazard Quad will feature signature cocktails (and mocktails), tempting food stations, and our favorite dance tunes.
o Sunday’s parade will feature our yellow totes as well as step singing and a farewell lunch. So, please make your plan to join us and if you have someone you are hoping to connect with there, reach out to them as well. We are looking forward to a fabulous fortieth!


News from our Annual Fund Rep, Yvonne Bos

We are nearing the end of our five-year giving cycle for our 40th Reunion. Please make a gift in honor of this milestone Reunion and help us reach out to classmates to ask for gifts small and large. Please contact me at ybos.mitchell@gmail.com if you would like to join our team of annual fund callers!

Our goals are to have 55% participation (a gift in any amount counts!) Another goal is to have 40 classmates donate at the Durant level of $2,500 or more. We currently have 21.5% participation, 21 Durant donors, and we have raised $825,000 this fiscal year. All gifts made prior to June 30, 2019 will count for our reunion year.


Please make a gift - - - it’s as easy as going to https://www.wellesley.edu/alumnae/give



News from our Planned Giving Rep, Liz Goldman Walton

A planned gift allows you to increase your retirement income and help shape the future of the College. Wellesley is now offering higher gift annuity rates, which means you may receive payments at a rate higher than the interest you are receiving on other investments. You give money to Wellesley and in return, you receive guaranteed income from Wellesley for the rest of your life. Interested in learning more about how this works?  Reach out to Liz Walton at lwalton@stny.rr.com


News from our Vice President, Martha O’Neill

We would love to help you organize a ’79 Connects informal get-together. No reason to wait until June to see classmates! We have heard many recurring themes from our classmates who have attended a ’79 Connects: Fun! Inspirational! Moving! Never run out of things to talk about! How could I not have known this classmate before? Shared experiences! A’79 Connects event can be whatever is convenient, such as meeting for a meal or ice cream or a local event. Please let me or any of the class officers know if you would like to host or help with a ’79 Connects event.


News from our Treasurer, Donna Edwards 

I hope to see you all at reunion! While you are registering, you may want to check to see if you have paid your class dues (it’s a one- time fee of $100) on our Class web page under the tab ‘Support 1979’. Note that class dues are voluntary; the funds in our Treasury support our class mailings (like this one) and cover expenses for our class officers to return to Wellesley to plan events (such as reunion)! Please note that the check should be mailed directly to me (Donna Edwards), payable to the Wellesley College Class of 1979, in the amount of $100. Class dues do not count as a gift to Wellesley, although dues may be a tax-deductible item (check with your accountant). My address is 716 West Hills Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21229.


News from our Secretary, Dorrie Voorhis Graul

While we will have a great opportunity to share our news in person in June, there are still columns to be written for the Alumnae Magazine! Please let me know what you have been doing – all stories are welcome. What does 60+ look like to you? My next deadline is February 24th, so send news now to dorrievgraul@gmail.com 


News from our web mistress, Mary Vaskas

Make sure you are connected to our class through the Wellesley College Alumnae Association https://1979.alum.wellesley.edu/ or through our private Facebook group (join the Wellesley College Class of 1979 or https://www.facebook.com/groups/55554012012 ).  

Register on the Alumnae Association website at https://www.wellesley.edu/alumnae/wellesleylogin).

If you are having trouble with the website, please call the Wellesley College Help Desk at helpdesk@wellesley.edu or 781.283.7777. They are open between 8:30 am - 4:30 PM EST Monday through Friday to answer questions.

Another way to make sure your contact information is current is to email recordupdates@wellesley.edu. Please include your first name, college last name, current last name, class year, and email address or you can do it yourself by logging into alum.wellesley.edu and going to your profile.

Ideas? Suggestions? Comments?

Please let us know how we can best serve you!  Please reach out to any of us directly with your ideas and suggestions.  We also have lots of opportunities to help out with reunion, from calling your classmates to decorating for Saturday dinner!


We are looking forward to June 7-9, 2019!  1-9-7-9 Wellesley RAH!

Jody, Martha, Donna, Dorrie, Liz, Mary and Yvonne


Greetings ‘79ers from your 40th Reunion Record Book Chair!
It’s time for you all to send me your submissions for the Record Book for our 40th Reunion!

I’m going to keep it rather simple: please send your information electronically (Word document or in the body of an email) to cjguendert@gmail.com, using the subject line Reunion Record Book.

If for some reason you can’t do it electronically, please send your information to Cindy Guendert, 70 Boardman Street, Unit B-5, Bristol CT 06010. I can scan artwork and photographs.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, I cannot accommodate any requests for specific fonts, text sizes, or photo sizes/resolution – you’ll just have to trust me!

Please limit your submission to one page or less.

The Record Book will be in PDF format and will be available FOR FREE on the class website in a password-protected form. This has the advantage of quick delivery – you may want to look it over BEFORE Reunion, as there may be classmates you really want to seek out because of what they’ve written!

For those who wish to have a printed copy and do not want to print it themselves, we will make black-and-white printed copies for those who pre-order. The cost for a printed and bound copy is $25 (this includes mailing it to you). Please note in your response if you want a paper copy so that I can have it printed for you.


The College has provided me with names and addresses, which will be included in the Record Book unless you specifically ask me not to. If you would like your phone number and/or email address listed, please include that in your listing.

Write about whatever you’d like. Include a photo or two. If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas that may tickle your fancy:
• What has happened in the five years since our last Reunion?
• Thoughts on turning 60...
• Job, hobbies, family
• If not for Wellesley, I never would have...
• What is your strongest memory from Wellesley?
• What did Wellesley teach you?
• What has given you the most joy in life?
• What’s next for you?

Thank you for your participation and cooperation.

Cindy Guendert