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April 2019

1979 Reunion: Details and Deadlines!​

  1.  Have you registered for our 40th Reunion on June 7-9?  To date, we have 81 classmates and 21 guests registered and 88 registered for Saturday night dinner.   We are staying in Severance.  Please note that April 11th is the last day to take advantage of the early bird discount; registration closes on May 16th and no walk-in registrations will be allowed. 

    Dorrie Voorhis Graul is coordinating the Reunion participation committee – you may hear from a former dorm classmate encouraging you to attend! 

    Haven’t attended Reunion before?  I know of at least 4 women who are coming for the first time – it’s never too late to attend your first Reunion!

    And, we recognize that reunion can pose a financial challenge to some.  If that is holding you back, please reach out to the Alumnae Office to apply for confidential financial relief.  Call the Alumnae Office at 1-781-283-2331 and ask to speak with the Assistant Director of Alumnae Engagement. 
  1. Have you submitted your Record Book entry to Cindy Guendert?  Your classmates would like to know what you’ve been up to!  Only 38 have sent in entries – the deadline has been extended to April 30th so you have not missed the opportunity to fill us in!  Please see the end of this e-newsletter for details.
  1. Have you considered making a gift to commemorate our 40th Reunion?  Yvonne Bos, our Wellesley Fund Representative, has assembled a great team -- Julie Troxell Alexandre, Annette Kluss Alvarez, Allyson Dale Samson and Anne Stoddard -- to help reach out to classmates.  You may receive a call or letter – please take the time to connect! 

    As of March 31, our class has raised $1.4 million (a great big thank you to all donors!). We have received 28 Durant level donations (gifts of $2,500 or more), with a total of 128 classmates contributing, which is 32% participation overall.  This is a great start for our Reunion!

    Note that one of our goals is to have 55% of the class participate by making a contribution -- this means that we need an additional 72 classmates to donate! Any size gift is welcome and helps us reach our participation goal.

    The other goal is to have 40 Durant level donors, which means we need 12 more classmates to reach this goal -- Barbara Anne Sousa donated her 2018 tax refund to make a Durant level gift and challenges other classmates to consider doing the same.

    Please use this link to directly donate: https://www.wellesley.edu/alumnae/give
  1. Class Officer Slate for 2019-2024!

    Thanks to Judy Colenback Savage for chairing the Nominating Committee.  Members of the Committee included our Prior Class President, Alison Clarke Kenary; Prior Nominating Chair, Joanne Berger-Sweeney; and current Class President, Jody Strakosch. 

    The Nominating Committee is very excited to present this slate and to officially vote these talented women into office during our Class Meeting on June 8th.
  • President – Tamara Susan Nash
  • ​Vice President – Denny Rainie Donovan
  • Treasurer – Patricia (Jungreis) Sulser
  • Secretary – Karen Helene Fryer
  • Wellesley Fund Representative – Dorrie Voorhis Graul
  1. Questions about Reunion and our various activities? Please reach out to our enthusiastic and very well-organized Reunion Co-chairs: Beth Bernhardt (wellesleybeth@gmail.com) and Pam Wood (pamwood789@gmail.com).  Or, reply to this email and I will make sure you get an answer to your question.

Your current class officers, Yvonne Bos, Donna Edwards, Martha O’Neill, Dorrie Voorhis Graul, Mary Vaskas, and I, are looking forward to seeing you in June!  Please register if you haven’t already done so, please send in a Record Book entry, and please consider making a contribution.

1979 Wellesley RAH!

65 Days and Counting!!!!!!!

Jody Strakosch

1979 Class President


DETAILS for 40th Reunion Record Book! 

It’s time for you all to send me your submissions for the Record Book for our 40th Reunion!

I’m going to keep it rather simple: please send your information electronically (Word document or in the body of an email) to cjguendert@gmail.com, using the subject line Reunion Record Book.

If for some reason you can’t do it electronically, please send your information to Cindy Guendert, 70 Boardman Street, Unit B-5, Bristol CT 06010. I can scan artwork and photographs.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, I cannot accommodate any requests for specific fonts, text sizes, or photo sizes/resolution – you’ll just have to trust me!

Please limit your submission to one page or less.

The Record Book will be in PDF format and will be available FOR FREE on the class website in a password-protected form. This has the advantage of quick delivery – you may want to look it over BEFORE Reunion, as there may be classmates you really want to seek out because of what they’ve written!

For those who wish to have a printed copy and do not want to print it themselves, we will make black-and-white printed copies for those who pre-order. The cost for a printed and bound copy is $25 (this includes mailing it to you). Please note in your response if you want a paper copy so that I can have it printed for you.


The College has provided me with names and addresses, which will be included in the Record Book unless you specifically ask me not to. If you would like your phone number and/or email address listed, please include that in your listing.

Write about whatever you’d like. Include a photo or two. If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas that may tickle your fancy:

  • What has happened in the five years since our last Reunion?
  • Thoughts on turning 60...
  • Job, hobbies, family
  • If not for Wellesley, I never would have...
  • What is your strongest memory from Wellesley?
  • What did Wellesley teach you?
  • What has given you the most joy in life?
  • What’s next for you?

Thank you for your participation and cooperation.

Cindy Guendert